He is ranked first in WAR with 30 home runs and is on pace to win three batting crowns. But the home run king and MVP are also unclear? This is the reality of Hanwha slugger Noh Si-hwan (23).

Noh Si-hwan hit 30 home runs for the first time in his career against LG Jeonseo in Jamsil on the 2nd. After Lee Seong-yeol (34 home runs) and Gerard Hoying (30 home runs) in 2018, Hanwha became the first hitter to hit 30 home runs. In the top of the 6th inning with a 1-0 lead, he hit LG Yoo Young-chan’s 148 km fastball from first base with no outs, and drew a two-run arch to left-center.

Noh Si-hwan is on pace to win three batting crowns. He is also first with 88 RBIs and first with a slugging percentage of 0.564. Although it is not a quantitative category, OPS is also first in the league at 0.950. The secondary stats are also excellent. According to the baseball statistics website Stats, he ranks first in the league with WAR 5.77. 1st place in adjusted scoring production with 162.5, 1st place in weighted on-base percentage with 0.425, and 1st place in win probability contribution with 0.425.

Looking at the first and second stats, he should be considered the strongest MVP candidate this season. The days of simply linking team performance to MVP are over. Now it is necessary to refer to statistics that more precisely identify each individual’s value. Unless you fall into a sharp slump at the end of the season, winning your first MVP is not a dream.

However, Noh Si-hwan cannot laugh even though he has won three awards including the home run king and is ranked first in WAR. This is because, given the circumstances, there is a high possibility that the season will end around September 22nd. The Hangzhou Asian Games team was scheduled to be called up at that time. The national team gathers hands and feet for a while in Korea and then leaves for Hangzhou. The competition runs from October 1st to 7th. The KBO League regular season runs until October 10. Even if he returns from the Asian Games and plays, it won’t be much.

That’s the reality. The moment Noh Si-hwan fails to retain his title as home run king, there is a possibility that he will falter in the MVP race as well. Currently, second place in home runs is Choi Jeong (SSG). With 24 home runs, he was 6 behind Noh Si-hwan. However, if Noh Si-hwan leaves from the end of September, the stage is set for Choi Jeong to make the final chase.안전놀이터

Jeong Choi has a lot of experience as a home run champion and has a good taste for hitting. A gap of 6 cars is not easy to catch up to at once, but it is also not an impossible gap to overturn. Especially for experienced Choi Jeong, the final race of the season can be interesting. In addition, Choi Jeong-eun’s slugging percentage (0.538) is also trailing Noh Si-hwan (0.564) by two points and six leagues. Austin Dean (LG) threatens Noh Si-hwan with 81 RBI.

The reality is that Noh Si-hwan cannot be guaranteed to win three batting crowns even though he is on pace to win three batting crowns due to being selected for the Asian Games. And if he fails to win the batting triple crown, it is expected that he will naturally give Eric Peddie (NC) a chance in the MVP race. Peddie is heading toward 20 wins and an ERA of 1 point.

The variable is that Pedi was somewhat shaken in August. In particular, re-entering the 1-point ERA range is not expected to be that simple. However, since he is a pitcher whose basic class is exceptional, there is a high possibility that he will be overhauled soon. If Peddy works hard again starting in September and becomes the winner of the most wins and 20 wins, and even if he doesn’t have an ERA in the 1-point range, if he gets as close as possible and regains first place, the MVP winner will become unknown. The conclusion is that Noh Si-hwan needs to build up his stats as much as possible before going to the Asian Games.

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