As always, once it was over, it felt like time went by quickly and I didn’t get to play much in the second half of the game, so I felt like I didn’t play baseball.” 

Kim Ji-chan, the ‘little giant’ of the Samsung Lions, said this while looking back on this season. He appeared in 99 games this season and left with a batting average of .209, 2 ri (85 hits in 291 at-bats), 1 home run, 18 RBI, 59 runs, and 13 stolen bases. Due to his injury, he was unable to display his outstanding skills properly. 

Ji-chan Kim invested a lot of time and effort into strengthening his defense ahead of this season, but he had quite a few regrets. He committed 16 errors. In particular, in the game against Sajik Lotte on June 28, he made 3 errors in one game and hung his head. Samsung expunged Kim Ji-chan from the first team entry the next day. It was not a disciplinary replacement, but rather a consideration for the player. 굿모닝토토 주소

At the time, Coach Park Jin-man said, “I excluded Kim Ji-chan from the first team entry because he seemed mentally shaken. He is not in the mood to play yet. He is chased psychologically rather than technically. If he continues to play, it could be a burden.” The reason for expungement was stated. 

Kim Ji-chan said, “There was a lot of support from those around me. Not only the older brothers who played on the same team, but also the older brothers who transferred to other teams, such as (Lee) Won-seok, (Park) Hae-min, and (Kim) Sang-su, gave me a lot of encouragement. “NC (Park) Minwoo also sent me a long text message, which was a great help,” he said. 

When his confidence dropped to the lowest level due to a series of mistakes, he gained great strength from the sincere words of his trustworthy older brothers and believed that he would become stronger in the future. 

“I thought I was mentally strong, but I was shaken a lot at that time. Since it was my first time experiencing something like that, I think I will become stronger in the future. I think that whether something good or bad happens, it all has some meaning. Even if something bad happens, things like this happen. “I think better things will happen in the future. I always want to think only good thoughts.” 

He focused on strengthening defense at the finishing camp in Okinawa, Japan, and said, “I think defense is always the problem. In fact, I need to improve every time I play, but I feel like I’m getting worse. It’s true that I lost confidence as I kept making mistakes.” said. 

He continued, “Last year, I thought I gained confidence and composure while training hard in defense, and that happened in an instant. I think there are things like this that I need to do better in the future. I also consider this to be experience. It’s what I do anyway, so I work hard and do well. “I have no choice but to do it,” he added. 

He, who won a gold medal with the Hangzhou Asian Games national team, said, “I also played on the youth national team, but it was on a completely different level. As the best players in Korea gathered together and played together, their attitude toward baseball was unique, and I got the impression that this was why they were good at baseball.” 

Kim Ji-chan also said, “(Choi) Won-jun’s older brother, (Kim) Jae-hyuk and (Kim) Do-hwan, who worked together as managing directors, talked a lot about Won-jun’s older brother. This time, while sharing the same room, they talked a lot about baseball. “(Kim) Hye-seong is well known as a player who takes good care of himself and works hard, so I asked a lot of questions, and (Kang) Baek-ho, who often watches batting videos, was helpful to me.” “He gave me a lot of advice, including showing me videos,” he said. 

Regarding the secret to overcoming the harsh criticism of being the weakest team in history and winning the gold medal for the fourth time in a row, he said, “I heard a lot of stories (about being the weakest team), but the good results were achieved thanks to everyone working hard toward one goal.” 

Watching fall baseball through TV broadcast, he said, “As a baseball player, it’s natural to want to not only win the postseason but also win the Korean Series. When I saw the players I played with on the national team doing well on the fall stage, I was jealous and wanted to compete against them on the same stage. “He said. He then expressed his wish, “I was very disappointed that it ended after only two playoff games two years ago, but I definitely want to play fall baseball next year.” /

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