Goyang Carrot prevented the worst.

On the 10th, Carrot completed the payment of salaries to all members of the team, including the manager, coaches, players, and support staff.

Carrot is required to pay team salaries on the 5th of each month. However, as the news that the salary payment was delayed and postponed until the 13th was conveyed, questions about the management of the club were full.

It was already a situation full of question marks about the financial part, such as the special membership fee of 1 billion won in the form of a subscription fee and the acquisition price to be paid to Orion. In addition, the fact that the salary problem of the players led to this meant that we might have to prepare for the worst.

An official familiar with professional basketball was concerned enough to say, “The fact that the payment of salaries for the players has been delayed means that the management of the club may collapse even to the bottom line.” It was such a serious situation.

Carrot put out the urgent fire by completing the payment of salaries for the players on the 10th, three days earlier than the promised 13th. Now, what is no longer pushed back is to find trust. In addition, it is also important to settle the acquisition price due by the end of January and the special membership fee of KRW 1 billion to be paid by the end of March on a fixed date.

An official from Carrot said, “As funds were raised earlier than expected, we were able to solve the problem of salaries for the players. In the future, we must not be pushed back,” he said. 먹튀검증

Carrot finished the first half with relatively good results of 16 wins, 15 losses and 5th place compared to the dark season prospects. The team is doing their best with coach Kim Seung-gi at the center. It is Carrot who needs to manage the club well so that their propaganda does not become meaningless.

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