I expected it, but I don’t know if it’s too weak. On June 20, Jürgen Klinsmann’s South Korean team will face El Salvador in their second A-match of the month, and the team’s lackluster performance is causing concern.

El Salvador, the “North and Central American team,” suffered a 0-6 defeat against Japan in an A-Match exhibition match at Toyoda Stadium in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, on June 15.

El Salvador conceded a goal to Shogo Taniguchi in the first minute of the match, before giving up a penalty kick goal to Ayase Ueda in the fourth minute. In the process, defender Ronald Rodriguez was sent off for a direct free kick, putting them at a numerical disadvantage.

From there, El Salvador was unable to capitalize on the Japanese attack. They conceded another goal to Kubo in the 25th minute and again to Doan Ritsu in the 44th minute, just before halftime. Four goals in the first half alone.

After conceding early, El Salvador hung their heads in shame as they conceded two more goals in the second half to Keito Nakakura in the 16th minute and Kyogo Furuhashi in the 28th minute. Go Itakura found the back of the net in the 43rd minute.

It was somewhat predictable. El Salvador is ranked 75th in the FIFA rankings. Japan is ranked 20th and South Korea is 27th. The country hasn’t reached the 메이저사이트 World Cup knockout stage since 1982 in Spain. The North and Central American nations are also hovering around the bottom of the standings.

The Japan national team (20th in the FIFA rankings) recorded its first win of the year against El Salvador (75th) in South Korea’s June A-match second leg.

Head coach Hajime Moriyasu’s side thrashed the ‘Central American double’ 6-0 at the Toyoda Stadium in Aichi, Japan at 7:10 p.m. on June 15. Scoring four goals in the first half alone, Japan dominated an El Salvador team that had a man sent off early on and cruised to an easy victory.

It was Japan’s first win in three games since losing to Croatia on penalties in the round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last December. It was their first win of the year. Japan drew 1-1 with Uruguay and lost 1-2 to Colombia in the A match in March.

On this day, El Salvador looked colorless, especially with an anemic attack that failed to get a single shot on target. That means they didn’t pose any threat. Despite being outnumbered early on, they couldn’t react to Japan’s offense at all.

While jet lag may have been a factor, it’s hard not to wonder if Klinsmann’s team will be able to provide a proper test against El Salvador. El Salvador will face Japan in an A match at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on April 20. It will be interesting to see if El Salvador will have a full squad by then.

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