At an away match against FC Seoul in the eighth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Tuesday, Jeon received a cross from Kim Jin-soo from the right side of the penalty kick in the fourth minute of the second half, when the score was 2 to 2. The accurate ball on the top of his foot shook the corner of the net on the right side. Goalkeeper Choi Cheol-won threw himself to no avail.

With this goal, Jeonbuk continued its first winning streak of the season with a 3-2 victory, and continued its unbeaten streak against Seoul for seven years since losing 1-2 to Seoul on July 2, 2017.

The archrival, Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong, was also a fantastic goal. “Even though luck is said to be one of skills, there are many regrets,” Kim said without hesitation. “A goal like that is a goal that can be scored only once a year.”

This is Jeon’s first goal of this season. Having joined the pro league as a member of the Daejeon team in the 2021 season, Jeon has moved to Jeonbuk ahead of this season. He has continued to step on the ground, and had an unforgettable day while scoring goals at an important moment.

After the match, Jeon said, “I’m so happy to win. I feel good because I contributed a little to my team. I will do my best to win the next match as well,” adding, “I came out after the set piece. As the second ball fell, I stood in that position with my feet not maintained. I was not confident with the header, so I put my foot on it, and I think it went in well.”

“I think it’s my life goal. I don’t think I’ll keep watching the video, but I think I’ll watch it.”

Regarding the stories I had with my colleagues, he said, “I didn’t order anything personally. He told me how to strategically attack with the team. I was well aware of the tactics, so I just had to match the positions. I think the older brothers told me those parts well.”

Acting Jeonbuk coach Park Won-jae said, “He’s a good player. In the beginning, I couldn’t put him in due to poor team conditions, but since the match against Gangwon, I have improved performance and confidence. It was a chance for him to score a wonder goal.” 룸알바

Jeon Byeong-gwan said, “What is more certain than the beginning is that Coach Park and the rest of the coaching staff clearly set a tactical framework and make the players aware of it. As it turns out, soccer is fun and it seems that they are winning two consecutive games. As I clearly know how to play soccer, I think I am playing with confidence. I was able to do it more confidently because he made the best part of me.”

However, he has been on the rise since he left the team. “I was sure of Petrescu’s concept, but I think (the players) tried to match it, but they lost consecutive games because the result was not good,” Jeon Byeong-kwan said. “No matter what anyone says, Jeonbuk is a strong team, and it is a team that can advance sufficiently. I thought about how to win and advance.”

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